The Ballet of Cinderella- March 2022

After a break of three years we were able to put on our main School show this year. It saw 120 children take part from our youngest pre-schooler's (Age 2-3) to our graduating Year 13 students and advanced dancers. 
It was a magical weekend and the children performed like true professionals! The next one in two years time can't come fast enough!

Magic Faraway Tree- March 2019
Our bi-annual show this year was "The Magic Faraway Tree".
"Our Magic Faraway Tree story commences with two friends discovering the tree at the bottom of their new garden. With great excitement, they climb up the tree into an opening in the clouds where they uncover different lands to explore. The beautiful Land of Nature is their first destination and at the end of the rainbow is The Land of Toys. They are a little hesitant of the Land of Spells, but their furry black cats reassure them that the Witches are friendly!
With three more lands to explore, first destination is The Land of Fame, where the performers insist on including the girls in their dance.
Climbing higher up takes them to the Land of Dreams, where sleepy children and Teddy bears exist hand in hand. Before their adventure ends our two friends find themselves in The land of Melodies
layard 19.jpg
Layard Music and Dance- July 2019

As part of our association with WABS​, every July we perform at Canford School's Layard Theatre with other local dance schools affiliated with WABS.

This year, we performed 4 pieces.

  • A contemporary piece, entitled Generations, choreographed by Tierney Lawlor (pictured)

  • Everything I know, In The Heights, sung by one of our senior students

  • A classical ballet duet, choreographed by Shelley and performed by Justine and Danny

  • A contemporary piece, entitled The Nature of Daylight, choreographed by Katie Neal, featuring dancers from the senior contemporary class


WABS: Lights, Camera, Action- November 2019

"This year's show has been inspired by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) awards.

Each of the affiliated school principals has chosen a BAFTA award winner, who they will pay homage to throughout their individual section"


We chose Les Misérables, nominated in 2013 for 8 BAFTA awards, winning four awards for best supporting actress (Anne Hathaway), best sound, best production design and best makeup and hair.