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Justine and Danny - Graduated 2019The Royal Ballet School- White Lodge

Justine and Danny both began their ballet training at Lawlor School of Dance. Shelley recognised their potential very early on and by the age of 8 they were both accepted onto the Royal Ballet School's Junior Associate program which they attended every week for three years alongside their regular LSOD classes.

In their last year of primary school, they both auditioned for full time ballet schools and were offered places at White Lodge to board full time. Only 12 girls and 12 boys are accepted from all over the world so to have two students attend from the same local dance school is a huge rarity.

The two of them started at the full-time school in September 2019 and are loving their training there. Shelley keeps in touch with them frequently and is extremely excited to see where they will go next with their Ballet.

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